Level up with the Power of Six

Customize your own online engineering degree or certificate by choosing classes from our six partner universities in Virginia.

Cardinal Education (formerly CGEP) offers online graduate programs in engineering and related studies to students across Virginia and around the world.

Cardinal is a partnership of six respected universities and has a 35+ year record of leadership in distance learning. The partnership provides students with excellent and flexible degree options. It allows employers to upskill their professionals without losing them to relocation. And, it fuels growth in the tech economy, particularly in Virginia.

  • Receive a diploma from an esteemed university — while enjoying the freedom to take courses from any of our six partner schools.
  • Take online classes when and where you want. Further your education and your career without leaving your job or relocating.
  • Finish your degree more quickly. With access to offerings at all partner schools, you can find the right course when you need it.

Find Your Program

We offer programs for students pursuing non-research Masters degrees and certificates in engineering, computer science, and data analytics.

Find Courses

Cardinal Education offers courses for students pursuing non-research Masters degrees and certificates, as well as for continuing education in a non-degree-seeking mode. Search our list of available courses here.

Student Success Story

“Without this program and its distance learning technologies, connected faculty, and network of other working engineers, earning an advanced degree would have been near impossible. Earning this degree while working full-time gave me the opportunity to apply the abstract concepts I was learning to real-life projects I was already working on. I gained a more complete understanding of the engineering field and that has undoubtedly contributed to my growth in the firm.”

–Neil McSweeney, PE
Chief Executive Officer, Wiley|Wilson

Impact of Cardinal Education on Industry

“The partnership of top tier universities in Cardinal Education and the unique ability for students to take pertinent classes across the membership provides a great opportunity to our engineers. This creates an avenue of personal development to aid in attracting and retaining engineering workforce in Virginia.”  (Rolls Royce)

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