Why Cardinal Education

Cardinal Education provides students with excellent and flexible degree options. By combining the resources of six partner universities, we deliver six times the opportunities.

Convenience and Flexibility

Our students learn when and where they want. This means you can further your education without leaving your job or relocating.

Easy Paths of Entry

Cardinal Education allows you to sample courses before you apply. You can get started right away and deal with tests and transcripts later.

A Wider Range of Courses and Faculty

By combining the resources of six member schools, Cardinal Education is able to offer a range of courses, a cadre of faculty, and an array of possible specializations unmatched by virtually any single university. Six partner schools deliver six times the opportunities.

More Ways to Finish On Time

For part-time students, the biggest obstacle to on-time degree completion is finding the right courses when they are needed. Because Cardinal students have access to offerings at all our member schools, you have a greater opportunity to take what you need when you need it.

The Reputation of Six Great Universities

Anyone interested in learning about the quality of our program has to look no further than the quality of our nationally recognized member schools. And it’s the name of one of these universities that appears on the diplomas of each of our graduates.

Quality Content

Cardinal students take the same courses that are taught on the campuses of our member schools and from the same faculty. Their learning experience is every bit as rich and rigorous as that of a full-time student.

A Pioneer in Distance Learning for 40 Years

Long before most schools dreamed of offering graduate engineering degrees to working professionals offsite, we were leading the way. This is our mission and our reason for being. The online student is our first focus, not an afterthought.

A Resource to Students, Employers, and the Commonwealth

Cardinal Education offers a win-win-win value proposition. We deliver opportunities to students, help employers build the skills of their people (without losing them to full-time graduate study), and help fuel the growth of Virginia’s technology economy.