About Cardinal Education

Cardinal Education, formerly named the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP), offers online graduate programs in engineering and science to students across Virginia and around the world.

Cardinal Education provides students with excellent and flexible degree options. Students enrolled in courses through Cardinal Education take the same classes with the same faculty as students on-campus, ensuring the online learning experience is rich and rigorous.

In addition to being a resource for students, we also help employers build the skills of their people (without losing them to full-time graduate study), and help fuel the growth of Virginia’s technology economy.

A Partnership of Six Universities

Cardinal is a partnership of six of Virginia’s leading universities—George Mason University, Old Dominion University, The University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia State University, and Virginia Tech—who bring 35+ years of leadership in distance learning.

By combining the resources of six partner universities, Cardinal offers a range of courses and an array of specializations unmatched by virtually any single university. Six partner schools deliver six times the opportunities, which means students have more options for completing their program on-time because they can find the course they need when they need it.

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