Circuit Analysis I

Host University

Old Dominion University


Summer 2024

Course Number

ECE 201


CRN 31425




Electrical & Computer Engineering


Al-Assadi, Waleed (

Times and Days


T, R

Course Information

An introduction to the analysis and theory of linear electrical circuits. Topics include: passive component definitions and connection rules; independent and dependent sources, concepts of power & energy; Kirchhoff?s laws; development of network reduction techniques; formulation of mesh-current and node-voltage equations; network theorems including Thevenin, Norton, Maximum power transfer, and superposition Theorem, Operational Amplifiers, Energy Storage Elements, and initial conditions. Time Domain Analysis of First Order and Second Order Circuits, Introduction to Phasors. Basics of matrices and linear algebra with Gaussian elimination; matrix applications to linear circuit analyses; MATLAB and Circuit Simulation software (Multisim) with analyses and applications to passive circuits. (offered fall, spring, summer)


Prerequisites: ECE 111 or equivalent and a grade of C or better in MATH 212. Pre- or corequisite: PHYS 232N or PHYS 262N.