Comp Systems And Sys Prog

Host University

George Mason University


Fall 2022

Course Number

CS 531 003 - CRN 84386




Computer Science


Greenwald, Harold

Course Information

This course is a hands-on introduction to the systems level of programming with an emphasis on data structures and interfacing with operating systems. This course focuses on fundamental data structures needed to design and implement systems applications and continues with an introduction to the Unix Application Programming Interface, signals, threads, and interprocess communications. This course is taught from a programmatic perspective using C, with special topics in both Java and Python. Notes: May not be taken for credit by students in the PhD CS, Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s in Computer Science, or Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s in Software Engineering programs.Offered by Computer Science. May not be repeated for credit.


CS 310 and CS 367 or equivalent.