Foundations of Cyber Security

Host University

Old Dominion University


Fall 2022

Course Number

ECE 570 CRN 14083




Electrical & Computer Engineering


Shetty, Sachin S. (SSHETTY@ODU.EDU)

Course Information

Course provides an overview of theory, tools and practice of cyber security and information assurance through prevention, detection and modeling of cyber attacks and recovery from such attacks. Techniques for security modeling, attack modeling, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis are described to manage the security of cyber systems. Fundamental principles of cyber security and their applications for protecting software and information assets of individual computers and large networked systems are explored. Anatomy of some sample attacks designed to compromise confidentiality, integrity and availability of cyber systems are discussed. Cross-listed with MSIM 570. (Offered fall)


A grade of C or better in ENGN 150 or CS 150 and junior standing or permission of the instructor.