Internet Of Things

Host University

George Mason University


Summer 2023




Electrical & Computer Engineering

Times and Days


M, W, F

Course Information

Introduces the principles, technologies, challenges, and required expertise needed for building the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It provides a big picture of what is involved in IoT. Topics covered in this course include analog and digital sensing, interfacing sensors with microcontrollers, digital communication protocols, microcontroller choices and capabilities, gateways, fog computing, networking, cloud computing, need and challenges for cryptography and compression, security issues, and low power/energy challenges. The listed topics are covered only to the extent required to understand the challenges and to the point that the role of a given topic in IoT solutions is comprehended. While briefly covering the technologies involved at the various hierarchal levels of IoT solutions, the course introduces other courses at GMU where students could build further expertise in the topics of interest. Offered by Electrical & Comp. Engineering. May not be repeated for credit.


ECE 350 or ((ECE 301 or ECE 231 or ECE 331) and CS 222) or equivalent