Leadership for Engineering Managers

Host University

Old Dominion University


Fall 2022

Course Number

ENMA 880 CRN 13246




Engineering Management


Calloway, Jesse L. (JCALLOWA@ODU.EDU)

Course Information

Seminar discussions and team projects. This course is designed to expose students to the concepts, skills, characteristics and emotional composition of effective and successful leaders in the 21st century. The course is intensive and requires students to immerse themselves in the course material and classroom discussion to derive meaning and value from the topics. The course objectives will be achieved by classroom discussion of the assigned material, candid self-assessment, experiential exercises and analysis of the actions of leaders, as described in case studies and literature. Areas of exploration include the fundamentals of leadership, ethical leadership, social capital, emotional intelligence and three-dimensional leadership. Ethical leadership practices is a cross-cutting theme in this course


ENMA 601 or Ph.D. standing.