The Entrepreneurial Engineering Manager

Host University

Old Dominion University


Spring 2023




Engineering Management


Marino, Lucas C. ( LMARINO@ODU.EDU)

Times and Days

04:20 PM - 07:00 PM


Course Information

Globalization has increased competition among the planet’s enterprises. The quality of products and services has dramatically improved while prices have plummeted. Consumer expectations have risen to very high levels. This phenomenon has accelerated the need for large technical enterprises to become more agile, flexible and responsive to consumer demands. Government agencies are not exempt form this trend: U.S. Government agencies are now required to establish strategic plans for their enterprises and to develop business plans that illustrate the future directions of the enterprise and to define the resources required to realize the vision and strategy of the enterprise. This course introduces Engineering Management students to a wide range of approaches designed to facilitate start-up, enable growth and ensure the continued capability of emerging and mature technical enterprises.


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