Uas Security

Host University

George Mason University


Spring 2024

Course Number

CYSE 685 DL1




Cyber Security Engineering


Jair Ferrari (

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Course Information

This course provides engineers with a background in the essential components and operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), related counter measures and protective measures. It introduces core principles for the safe and secure operation of UAS, especially in the C4I context. Topics are focused on UAS components, characteristics, and operational environment, such as weather and radio propagation. The course also covers active and passive detection of UAS, methods to avoid detection and for disrupting UAS operations, such as electromagnetic interference and cyberattacks, as well as measures against these methods, such as RADAR and IR stealth concepts. Finally, this course brings a holistic view of UAS security and its future trends. The target audience consists of engineers interested in planning, designing, or participating in UAS operations from a safety and security standpoint.